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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Department of Plastic Surgery in Mata Chanan Devi Hospital was established in year 1993, under the able guidance of Dr. Vijay Kakkar. Initially the department was catering to reconstructive & Trauma surgeries mainly. Now it has expanded the horizons and cosmetic surgeries are routinely being done here. The following Subspecialties in plastic surgery are

1. Cosmetic / aesthetic surgery

  • Liposuction (fat removal)
  • Abdomino plasty (tummy – tuck)
  • Gynaecomastia (male breasts)
  • Fat grafting
  • Breast augmentation / reduction
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)
  • Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery)
  • Hair restorative surgery
  • Genital rejuvenation surgery

2. Reconstructive and trauma surgery

  • It includes reconstruction of defects in tissues / skin which arise due to trauma, cancer surgery, congenital defects or infections causes.
  • Reconstruction is done by taking skin graft / flap from one portion of body & apply on the defects

3. Burns:

  • Burns of all severity (including .20 & 30 Burns ) which can occur because of thermal / electrical injury are well managed
  • Contractures/Scars  resultiing from healing of burns are taken care of

4. Maxillo – facial injuries:

  • All kind of facial fractures resulting from Trauma are fixed using latest A.O techniques

5. Cleft lip & palate:

Department of Plastic surgery has been recognized as a centre for the treatment of cleft Lip & palate by “SMILE TRAIN” organization of USA, which has got world-wide centres. The treatment is provided free of cost to the patient. This programme is successfully running for the past 4 years with hundreds of poor patients getting benefit out of it.

Before After
Before After

6. Microsurgery:

This includes repair of tissues under microscope, which are very fine and can not be repaired with naked eyes. Repair of small blood vessels (Micro vascular ) and nerves (micro-neural) is carried out under magnification. This kind of repair is required in Trauma like Amputation of finger / Hand / Limb or in free tissue transfers.

Team of Specialists:

  • Dr Vijay Kakkar
  • Dr. Mrinal Kanti Mukherjee
  • Dr. Kiranmoy Sarangi


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Dr. Mrinal Kanti MukherjeeSr. Consultant
Dr. Kiranmoy SarangiJr. Consultant