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The Department of Radiology and Imaging services is located on the ground floor of the new building of hospital. The Radiology & Imaging at MCDH is a highly advanced facility that is equipped with the latest advanced state-of-the-art technology. The department is self contained with a separate reception, waiting area, examination and equipment room.

The various diagnostic services available in Radiology and Diagnostics are:


  • MRI
  • Multislice CT Scan
  • X-Ray With IITV System   - for routine & specialized investigations with CR System
  • Ultrasound
    -Scanner   -    for USG guided diagnostic & therapeutic interventions with facility for 3D reconstruction with volume probe
    -Color Doppler   - of different organs like carotid, limb &obstetrical & Renovascular


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

It is a technique used in Radiology to visualize in detail the internal structures of the body. It provides excellent contrast between the various soft tissues of the body. It is very useful in Imaging Brain, Spine, Joints, Muscles & Pelvic Organs including Prostate and Ovaries. Compared with other medical Imaging techniques, it does not use X-Ray radiation. It is safe in pregnancy and newborn children.

We have the State-of-the-art Siemens MRI machine. Specialized MR studies like Post Gadolinium Contrast Studies, MRI Brain with Epilepsy Protocol, MRCP, Angiography and Venography are also done.

Whole Spine Screening is possible in patients undergoing MR for disc prolapse, Sciatica, back pain and cancers.

Computed Tomography (CT) - 6 Slice, Siemens

Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) is an imaging method using focused X-ray beam to generate an image of a body part in an axial plane to acquire a 3-D data.

All CT scan studies are performed including specialized procedures like CT angiography(Cerebral , Peripheral, Pulmonary and Abdominal Angiographies), Liver, Kidney, Oncology Imaging , Non Invasive CT Bronchoscopy and Colonoscopy, 3D Reconstruction of Joints and Musculoskeletal System in Tumors and Trauma, CT guided FNAC’S, biopsies and Drain placements are done in routine practice.

Each patient is evaluated for safety of Contrast Administration and providing Anaesthesia / Sedation whenever required. There are extensive discussions with the referring clinicans before and after the scans and all scans are interpreted by highly qualified, well trained, experienced Radiologists in view of the clinical findings. The Department meets all AERB guidelines for Radiation practice, running teaching programs and is doing research in various subspecialties of radiology.




Four Ultrasound Machines with Colour Doppler equipped with transvaginal, transrectal, linear & cardiac probes


  • Ultrasonography is available for whole abdomen, pelvis, KUB etc so as to diagnose various abnormalities related to the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, intestines, stomach, bladder, uterus, ovaries, etc.
  • Obstetrical ultrasounds are done for routine follow-up of pregnancy, dedicated scans for Nuchal translucency & nasal bone ( Ist Trimester),  Level II scans for Congenital anomalies in the 2nd trimester, Colour Doppler Studies & Biophysical profiles for fetal hypoxia &  fetal growth retardation. 
  • Transvaginal USG’s are done routinely for follicular monitoring, gynecological & obstetrical evaluations.
  • Volume Probe is available for 3D & 4D Ultrasound.
  • Transrectal  USG is available for prostatic evaluations.
  • Sonography of small parts using high frequency probe is done for thyroid, breast, scrotal & testicular regions
  • Doppler studies for peripheral arterial & venous disorders, carotid & vertebral arteries, renal arteries, portal system, testicular torsion, etc are also done.
  • Transcranial studies are also done for neonates & small children
  • Ultrasound Guided procedures such as FNAC’S / biopsies from various masses,  abscess drainage, pleural/ ascitic fluid aspiration, kidney biopsies, Ovum pick-up & Embryo transfer for In-vitro fertilization,  MTP’S & D&C’S are done on a routine basis under ultrasound guidance.


Ultrasound facility is available round the clock thus facilitating immediate life saving intervention in emergency situations such as trauma cases, appendicitis, ectopic pregnancies, perforations, etc.
USG machine is taken for bedside sonography of sick patients and guided procedures in O.T. & ICU.



Conventional Radiology:

Siemens 800 mA Multix Ease
Siemens 500 mA with IITV
Portable X-rays(60mA,100 mA,100 mA)

The radiology department is equipped with a number of conventional x-ray machines and One machine with image intensifier for procedures to be done under fluoroscopic control. The department work load on an average is 120 patients per day. Of this, the bulk of the work comprises of routine radiological examination of chest, abdomen, spine and extremities.

The procedures done under fluoroscopy control include


  • Barium investigations for the gastrointestinal tract, hysterosalpingograms for the female genital tract and a number of procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for hepatobiliary system.
  • The department also does urological investigations such as  intravenous urogram and micturating cystourethrogram & RGU
  •  The department also has mammography machine for detection of breast lesions


Teaching & Training Programme:

The Radiology Department has been running a post-graduate training course the National Board of Examinations (D.N.B. degree in radiology) since 2012. The department imparts training in both conventional radiology and modern imaging techniques of ultrasound, CT and MRI. A well planned teaching and training programme, spread over three years is being conducted so as to make the students fully competent to practice ,teach & do research in various subspecialities of radiology



Team of Specialists:


  • Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar
  • Dr. Subhash Narang
  • Dr. Naresh Jain
  • Dr. Akshay Kapila
  • Dr. Abhinav Aggarwal
  • Dr. Divya Jainl
  • Dr. Amit A. Khan


Dr. Nidhi BhatnagarSr. Consultant / HOD
Dr. Subhash Narang Senior Consultant View Profile
Dr. Naresh JainConsultant
Dr. Akshay KapilaConsultant
Dr. Abhinav Aggarwaljr.Consultant
Dr. Divya JainConsultant
Dr. Amit A. KhanHony.Consultant (Interventional Neuro Radiology)