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Mahashay Ji
I always believe in the philosophy "Give the World the best you can and the best will come back to you with the grace of Almighty". It was my parents’ belief that everyone should get the right of education and access to healthcare. With the legacy of honesty, hard work and polite humble approach for everyone that I inherited from my beloved. . .


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Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Mr ST 41y Male presented with blood in vomitus and black coloured stools at 5am . He is non alcoholic,non smoker,no pain abdomen and no history of pain killers. His Hb was 7 gm%. On endoscopy he had a tively bleeding duodenal ulcer. Endoclips were applied and bleeding stopped immediately.

Interesting point
1.Duodenal ulcer was painless.
2. Presented first time with bleed.
3. Patient was non smoker, Non alcoholic and not on any pain killers.
He was positive for Helicobacter pylori.



In Mata chanan Devi hospital (MCDH)Mrs Nk 60 year female presented with pain,fever and jaundice. She was diagnosed to have stone in Common bile duct. Stone was removed with endoscopy. Patient was cured and discharged same day by Dr Rajneesh Gulati.



Mr LSJ 50y Male patient presented to casualty of Mata Chanan Devi Hospital with blood in vomiting and stools. He was immediately attended by casualty,Icu, internal medicine and Gastroenterology team. Urgent Endoscopy was done by Dr Rajneesh gulati HOD dept of Gastroenterology and his team.Bleeding duodenal ulcer was diagnosed and Hemospray- a nano powder was sprayed on bleeding ulcer and bleeding stopped immediately.