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Chairman’s Message

Mahashay Ji
I always believe in the philosophy "Give the World the best you can and the best will come back to you with the grace of Almighty". It was my parents’ belief that everyone should get the right of education and access to healthcare. With the legacy of honesty, hard work and polite humble approach for everyone that I inherited from my beloved. . .


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Guidelines for Medical Card Holders

The Panel Department facilitates smooth processing of cashless/ credit facilities from Insurance Company / TPA’S and Empanelled organizations.

For availing the facility of Empanelled organization / TPA's / Insurance Company, following are to be provided at the time of admission or within 24 hours of admission:-

  • Medical card / Mediclaim card
  • Photo ID of patient for TPA / Insurance Company
  • Relation proof with employee of the empaneled organization

Mediclaim card holders (Insurance Company/TPA):

  • Prior approval for planned admissions.
  • In emergency admissions-minimal refundable security deposit is taken at the time admission. Panel department processes the documents to TPA /Insurance Company for cashless facility. Depending on the authorization received and clauses if any, cashless facility is extended.

Organizations Empaneled on cash basis:-

For both emergency and planned admissions, patient has to settle the bills in cash. In emergency admissions, emergency certificates are issued, if required.

Organizations Empaneled on credit basis:-

Planned admission :- Permission letter has to be brought from individual organization prior to admission.

Emergency admission :- Emergency certificate is issued on the basis of which credit letters are provided by the organization.

CGHS Beneficiaries:-

Retired Beneficiaries:-

a) Emergency admission -credit facility is extended.

b) Planned admission – prior permission has to bought from their respective dispensary.

Serving Beneficiaries:-

Emergency admission - Emergency certificate issued for credit facility.

Planned admissions – Prior permission to be taken from the Department / Dispensary. Patient will have to settle the bills in cash and go for reimbursement in their respective departments.