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The department of Dental Surgery provides state of art dental service to both general out patient and private OPD.

Salient Feature

  • Team of experienced dental surgeons in practice for 15 years or more. (Specialist in Orthodontia,Endodontia, Implant dentistry, Oral surgery).
  • State of art setup with Modern equipments, latest technologies, digitalized radiography.
  • Complete four tier sterilization.
  • Comfortable ambience¬†
  • Complete dental treatment under one roof.

Services Provided

Relief of pain is our priority


  • Replacement of missing teeth by oral maxillofacial structure (both removable & fixed) veneers, metal ceramic crown, metal crown, metal free crown, cosmetic tooth, Gold crown, captik crown, eMAX crown, zirconia crown.
  • Complete and partial dentures, flexible denture, metal cast denture, precision attachments.
  • Complete oral mouth rehabilitation


  • Dental implant for replacement of few or more missing teeth.
  • Implant supported dentures to gain retention of dentures.

Conservative Dentistry:

  • Veneers, single sitting RCT, routine RCT:
  • Conservation of mutilated tooth,
  • Hemisection, Root amputation;
  • Tooth whitening,
  • Dental Jewels.


  • Routine prophylaxis (scaling); deep subgingival curettage, gingivectomy splinting of mobile teeth.
  • Bone augmentation Hemisection.


  • Restoration (Filling), RCT, Habit breaking treatment,space maintainers crowning.


  • Removable & fixed appliances; implant retained appliances.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:

  • Wisdom Tooth surgery (Both in LA and GA)
  • Maxillofacial trauma
  • Cyst and Tumor of jaw
  • TMJ disorder
  • Dental Implant

Team Of Specialists

  • Dr Meenakshi Soni
  • Dr Rohit Jain
  • Dr Sanjeev Kumar Chowdhary
  • Dr Jasneet Singh
  • Dr Shalya Anand
  • Dr. Ashutosh Kumar
  • Dr. Deeksha Deepak
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Dr. Jasneet SinghHony.ConsultantView Profile
Dr. Ashutosh KumarJr.Consultant
Dr. Deeksha DeepakConsultant